Easy To Recall Vingt-et-un Technique

One of the simplest means to gamble on black jack and be a consistent winner is to compete like the croupier plays.

You will find more players will complain at the tables if you do, but why should you care? You will come away with a win, more regularly, over a period of time if you always play like the croupier. Try it at home, on the internet, or live in the land based betting houses on a "leisurely day," but make certain you try it because it functions.

It is the simplest method to compete with nothing to count, definitely no tens or 5’s or anything to remember. If you stop and consider it, here is why this "plan" will be the single plan you’ll ever need:

How many times does a dealer show a two and make a great hand? How regularly does the house show a three, flip a 10, and end up making a great hand? How frequently have you split an eight-eight against the casino’s face and got two losing hands rather than 1? How regularly have you split Aces vs. the casino’s face and had two losing hands instead of one?

It is really astonishing how the croupier can pull a hand out with original hands of twelve,13,14,15, and even sixteen. It happens because it’s supposed to happen, because of the total of low value cards in the deck and a few other elements.

Try this technique and see if you compete any better than you have in the past. Remember, if you attempt this technique or another one, do it regularly and with this strategy it means you compete like the dealer each time. Continue to take cards until you get 17 and stand.

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